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Owning a community pharmacy continues to be challenging in our increasingly broken healthcare ecosystem. Even though patients prefer the higher value of care your pharmacy provides, their employer pharmacy benefit structures create unnecessary barriers to the advantages your care offers current and future patients. On-going economic pressures, the popularity of cash discount prescription cards, and changes in the DIR requirements Pharmacy Benefit Managers [PBMs] are putting forth continue to limit your ability to maintain and grow the value you provide your community.

We Are Passionate About Helping Community Pharmacies Thrive

Pointer Health Solutions understands your frustration and wants to help you address some of these common challenges. We are a pharmacist-owned and operated healthcare benefits solution validator and architect. We have deep expertise and passion for helping community pharmacy owners like you create additional value for more patients in your community.

Pointer Health Solutions can help you increase the value you deliver to your patients and community by addressing three specific challenges you face:

If your pharmacy is being underutilized due to the PBM arrangements that local self-funded employers offer their employees, we have created the PayerBridgeRx initiative to help you create a bridge between your pharmacy and the pharmacy benefits that self-funded employers within your community provide their employees. Our team designs and implements innovative pharmacy benefit arrangements that significantly reduce costs for the employer, increase access to your pharmacy, and improve care for members of your community while keeping local tax dollars local.

If you, like many of your fellow community pharmacy owners, have a negative opinion about the increasing popularity of cash discount prescription cards, we can help you create a competitive discount card strategy that benefits both your pharmacy and patients. Creating a better solution will help you add more value to your pharmacy and patients.

If you want to provide additional clinical services for your patients beyond filling prescriptions, we can help you implement a strategy that allows your pharmacy to bill for that care under your state’s current regulations.

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Pointer Health Solutions is easy to work with. If you want to increase the value you offer your patients and community, contact our team today to set up a free consultation.

Pointer Health Solutions Believes:

  • Employees and their families deserve honest transparency from their employer provided pharmacy benefits.
  • Employers deserve transparent pricing from their PBM.
  • Employers should not pay spread pricing for their pharmacy benefits.
  • Employers should receive 100% of brand manufacturer rebates from their pharmacy benefits.
  • Employers deserve consistent contract compliance from their PBM.
  • Community Pharmacies should not be excluded from PBM networks and should be paid fairly.
  • Community Pharmacies offer employers greater access to quality healthcare services.
  • Local care results in better health outcomes.

“As an owner of a community pharmacy, it’s frustrating to know that most pharmacy benefit manager arrangements for local self-funded employers are filled with pricing and access games where the rules constantly change and negatively impact my ability to serve more customers in my community. However, when I learned about Pointer Health Solution’s ability to navigate these complexities and guide self-funded employers toward improved arrangements that lower costs and improve care, I was able to connect them with a couple of local self-funded employers.  I would recommend working with Pointer Health Solutions if you want to help local self-funded employers in your community improve their employee pharmacy benefits.”

Barry Klein, M.S., R.Ph, President, Klein’s Pharmacies & Medical Equipment

Create additional value through clinical services

Create a bridge between your pharmacy & self-funded employers

Create a competitive discount card strategy

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For a Free Consultation

Pointer Health Solutions is easy to work with. If you want to increase the value you offer your patients and community, contact our team today to set up a free consultation.